Order Confirmation

Once your order has been successfully processed through the Dan Tailor shopping cart and Paypal you will receive a confirmation email along with your estimated delivery date.

<—Order Confirmation is sent to your email address that you registered when you placed your order. The order confirmation lists the garments you ordered, the measurements you registered and all the customisation selections you selected. The order confirmation lists the estimated delivery date. If you have any issues with the order Dan Tailor recommend you contact Dan Tailor as soon as possible to make any required changes. Dan Tailor aims to exceed all customer expectations. The order confirmation keeps the customer aware of the order details and the expected delivery details. its important to keep record of the order confirmation information. Dan Tailor, custom made clothing, high quality and made to order, manufactured to the individuals specific tailored requirements and specifications and needs. You don’t get a better made custom suit¬†experience¬†than from Dan Tailor. –>