Our Alterations Policy

The Dan Tailor Alternations Policy – Get the best fit suit around


At Dan Tailor every order is made to the specification provided by you. We acknowledge that small alternations on occasion may be required. To provide that fit for the individual guarantee, Dan Tailor provide an alteration credit valued up to $45 for suits / coats and $20 for shirts and trousers at your local tailor.

The Alternation Process

Dan Tailor provides you with an easy to use alteration form that will assist us to process your alteration requirements once approved. Please see the measurement form for alterations that can be considered by Dan Tailor.

1. Go to your local tailor with the Alterations Form

Alternation Form

Alternations Form

Present the alternation form to the local tailor that completed the alternations for you. Request the tailor to complete the alteration form.
Send the completed alterations form and the alterations receipt to [email protected] Note: please put your order number in the subject heading of your email.

  • Please select the measurement that was used: cm/inches and round measurements to nearest half cm or inch.
  • Jacket / Shirt

  • Measurement

    Alteration (+)

    Alteration (-)

  • Full Shoulder Width

  • Full Sleeve Length

  • Full Back Length

  • Full Front Length

  • Stomach

  • Waist

  • Trouser

  • Waist

  • Crotch

  • Leg Length

  • Ankle

2. Local tailor alters the garment and completes the alternation form.

3. Apply for an alteration credit and upload a photographed or scanned copy of your receipt and alteration form

You can apply for an alteration credit within 14 days of your order being shipped. Make sure the alternation form is completed before sending. In-complete alterations forms will not be processed. Once processed, your credit will appear on your credit card statement within 10 days.