Style Assistant

Dan Tailor knows the importance of matching your natural colours to the colours you wear. The Dan Tailor style assistant uses four colour models to ensure that you select the best colour combinations that will accent your individual colour profile.

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Defining your Season

Looking at the seasonal colour analysis will give you a sense of direction of what type of colours (cool, warm, deep, light, clear, muted) will suit you best.

We’re going to take a closer look at which colour palette within the Summer season you belong to based on the intensity/quality of your hair, eye and skin colour.


Autumn colorations have the following aspects in common:

  1. Depth to your colouring – generally with golden undertones (e.g. strawberry blonde, chestnut brown or red hair)
  2. Warm undertone to your skin. Bluish or pinkish tints may exist but the warmth is dominant (Peachy skin, which is a warm type of pink is considered warm).
  3. Deep, earth tone quality to your eye colour such as black-brown, deep to medium brown, bright brown, deep green, light to dark hazel, dark blue, mixed blue and green eyes (some grey or/and yellow in them).

Autumn Colour PalletIn short, your colouring is low in contrast but not as subtle as Spring and Summer. Some Autumns have a high contrast colouring but not as vivid as a Winter. The majority of people of colour as well as Caucasians with warm and rich colouring fall within this group. Also, the majority of natural red-heads are considered Autumns because of their spicy hair colour which dominate their look. However there are some exceptions to red hair based on the intensity of the overall colouring.


Winter colourations have the following aspects in common:

  1. A lot of depth to your colouring with bluish or pinkish undertone (e.g. Black to dark brown hair, ashy dark brown hair).
  2. Bluish or pinkish undertone to your skin. Olive-yellow undertones may be visible but not in the same extent as the cool undertones.
  3. Eyes are intense (charcoal grey, blue, bright blue, emerald green, black-brown, dark hazel).
  4. High contrast between your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone (e.g. Dark brown/black hair with sparkly eyes and pale skin or an overall deep look with olive to black skin, dark eyes and black-brown hair

In short your colouring is overall vivid which is why black and other colours that have a strong quality to them will really suit you.
Winter Colouyr PalletteYour hair is very dark, ranging from deep medium brown to jet black. Or you may be aging and have grey or salt and pepper hair colouring. In some instances a Winter can have blonde hair, but it is very cool and white, and almost white looking.

Your skin ranges from milky white to olive, to black, but it usually has an ashy cool undertone to it. If you’re a person of colour, the skin might be a cool olive or ashy black-brown.


Spring colourations have the following aspects in common:

  1. Low level of contrast between hair, skin and eye colour. However you may also have dark hair, pale skin but with clear eyes.
  2. Clear, warm and golden undertones to your overall colouring. If your skin appears pink, it’s more likely a warm pink (think peach). Some cool undertones may exist but is much less than the warmth.
  3. Earth and summer tone quality to your eyes, ranging from turquoise blue to hazel and light brown.
  4. Your hair is between a dark to medium brown to coppery red, deep golden to light blonde hair. If your hair is dark it most likely has golden or reddish highlights.
  5. If you’re a person of colour with dark hair, you probably have clear and lighter eyes than what’s typical in your ethnicity (e.g. light blue, green, light brown, hazel).

Spring Colour PalletteIn short your colouring is generally warm but bright. The majority of red-heads fall within this season because of the dominant warm, red hair colour. Also, many people of colour who are incorrectly identified as Deep Autumn may belong to this group. People of colour who are a Spring, have a warm colouring as Autumns but with less intensity; with clearer and lighter eye colour and/or hair colour.


Summer colourations have the following aspects in common:

  1. Low level of contrast between your hair and eye colour. However you can also have cool (diffused) deep hair, eye colour and light skin.
  2. You have an overall cool and ashy colouring no matter if your hair is blonde or brown, and no matter if your skin is light or dark.
  3. Your eyes have a soft, cool tone quality to them, such as slate and blue. Often with some grey to them, such as greyish hazel, greyish blue, greyish green.
  4. Your skin is dominantly cool with pink or blue undertone (without tan).
  5. Your hair colour is in general cool and ashy, with little or no red or golden highlights. Hair colour within the Summer season ranges from the lightest and ashiest blonde to deep ash brown

Summer Colour PalletteIn short you are the most subtle and coolest season of all 4. Many dark-haired Summers get mistaken for being a Winter. However the difference between a dark haired Summer and a Winter is the quality of the colouring which is more subtle than a Winter’s.

Defining your Body Shape

At Dan Tailor we want to help you understand your body shape to ensure you select the best style suit to make you look the best. Your horizontal body shape is the relationship between your chest, waist and hip-line. It is their relative proportion to each other that is important rather than their actual size.

Your horizontal body type is used to identify the suit styles that will make you look you’re best.

Note other factors can also impact what style works best for you. We recommend you consider the shape of your face, neck and shoulder size and any prominent features.

An easy way for you to determine your body shape is to stand in front of a full length mirror and a long straight object such as a long ruler or a broom handle to work out whether your hip-line is narrower, wider, or the same width as your chest. The easiest way to see this is to hold the ruler under your arm pit and rest it on your hip.

Please note these guidelines may change based on other features such as your age, your face shape, your neck length and any prominent features you may have.



Rhomboid Body Shape

Is generally regarded as the typical male body shape. You have a trapezoid body if:

• Your shoulders and chest are broad
• Your waist and hips are medium-narrow
• Your upper torso is bigger than your lower torso
• You are well-proportioned

Your body type is one of the easiest to dress, you can choose from the greatest variety of styles.

Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

You have an inverted triangle body shape if:

• Your shoulders and chest are broad
• Your shoulder, arm and chest muscles are well developed and bulky
• Your waist and hips are narrow
• Your upper body is significantly heavier than your lower body

Your main style aims are to balance your lower body to your upper body, by wearing trousers with straight or wide legs. And to ensure your shirts, t-shirts and jackets fit well.


Rectangular Body Shape

You have a rectangle body shape if:

• Your chest, hips and waist are about the same width
• Your torso shape is straight

Your main style aim is to create the illusion of a trapezoid shape by choosing styles to emphasize your shoulders.


You have a triangle body shape if:

• You are bottom heavy
• Your chest is narrower than your hips
• Your lower body is heavier than your upper body
• You probably also have a sloping shoulder line

Your main style aim is to create the appearance of broader, squarer shoulders. You should wear jackets that emphasis the shoulder region. Also, make sure that your jacket, shirt and t-shirts shoulder seams are no wider than the edge of your shoulder.


This body shape is also called an apple body shape. You have this shape if:

• Your overall appearance is round
• You have a large stomach

Your main style aims are to create the appearance of a longer and slimmer torso.