Tailor Assist

Free Skype assisted measuring session

Now measuring yourself for a Dan Tailor Suit, trousers, shirt or coat is even easier.

Just follow the easy steps below and have one of our team personally guide & help you through the measuring process via Skype in the comfort of your home or office


It doesn’t get any easier, and it’s FREE!!


1  Set up a free skype account  at www.skype.com if you don’t already have one

2  Open Skype and connect to Dan Tailors Skype account by searching for Skype        name dan.tailor.assist.  Once found, select it and send through a connection        request.

3  Go to our Tailor assist page Book Now and make a booking request by filling        in your contact details and selecting a time and date.

4  We will then contact you to confirm the time and date.


That’s it, we’ll now see you on Skype at our agreed time and help you through the measuring process and answer any question you may have.
See you soon !