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The Collection

- Dan tailor provides you with men’s apparel, men’s wear, men’s suits which are a must for every man’s wardrobe. Get into the collection now.

Dan Tailor are suits that Melbourne’s fashion week would like to show case. Let’s face it, an online shop that lets you select the suit material, the design, the customisations and input your personal body measurements for that perfect fit. Get online and shop with Dan Tailor and¬†experience¬†the difference. It’s time to shop with Dan Tailor.

Dan Tailor’s suits are expertly hand crafted by tailors with the utmost skill and passion in suit design and an incredible eye for every detail. Have a try today setup your measurements in the system and choose a design which best suits your taste. Look cool, go for a smooth look or a quiet yet confident look. Be sophisticated in a Dan Tailor suit. A suit company Australian owned and based. Italian wool. Italian cashmere. 100% Quality cotton. Get the best fitted shirt and suit every time.