What makes a Dan Tailor suit special



The most important aspect of any suit is the material from which it is made. Dan Tailor only uses
High quality Italian Wool Cashmere blends to ensure a luxurious and opulent feel
while still providing all the benefits of full wool.



Custom made suits




Lapel felt         Piping          Lining           Canvas bodic



Dan Tailor custom suits


Individual Fit

Using our Measurement model,  Dan Tailor’s Suits and Apparel are made to fit each individual.
And that means you.  No longer will you need to buy a suit off the rack and spend a small fortune
on alteration that still don’t fit you perfectly. With our Fit for the Individual Guarantee
you can rest assured this suit is made for the only person that will wear it. You.


Hand Made

Unlike off the rack suits, Dan Tailor suits are hand made. This means instead of a machine
cutting standardised shapes we utilise skilled Tailors to make every suit. Why? Because every
suit is as different as the person wearing it.


Fit for the Individual Guarantee

Dan Tailor prides itself on making every suit fit for the individual. Our guarantee is to ensure
that Dan tailor does everything possible to deliver your order as per your expectation.